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Academic Supplies & Educational Lab Equipment

Our selection of academic products offered here at Premier Scientific is broken down into three subcategories: Laboratory Supplies, Microscopes and Chemistry. Laboratory supplies are broken down into three further subcategories: Measurement, Crucibles and General Laboratory Supplies. Measurement covers such items as the partial immersion 11-3/4” student thermometers featured in this section. General laboratory supplies include a stainless steel, 21 cm long micro spatula and packs of twelve 8” long glass stirring rods, each with a built-in rubber policeman. The Microscopes subcategory features a wonderful student teaching Detective Spy Scope that goes along with a program teaching students to become a super sleuth. This 4X, 10X, 40X microscope comes with a 70 piece accessory kit used to perform countless research experiments that are both fun and instructive. The Chemistry subcategory contains a United Scientific Chemistry Set to be used by as many as 40 students in unique experiments dealing with nanotechnology.