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3-Ply Pleated Ear-loop Blue Face Mask

25/bx (CLIA Waived)

Our Price: $72.16

Sale Price: $65.60

Hydrox Laboratories D0012 Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

12 bottles/cs

Our Price: $10.04

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Table Paper, Crepe Finish, White 18" x 125 ft


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Metrex 10-2805 Metricide 28 Disinfecting Solution

1 Qt

Our Price: $16.22

Sale Price: $24.54

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  • You will have supplies always available in your office

  • You will reduce the cost of your supplies and inventory

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Impact of COVID-19 on Business Activity


        Dear customers,

As is known by all of us, our country is getting back to “normal” activities in a slow but safe step, which is the purpose of State and Country Authorities.  In this order of ideas, we must continue respecting the measures placed to protect us against the virus transmission, and more importantly, we must keep the faith in God that these difficult times will be overcome sooner than later.

Most of Medical & Specialty Offices experienced operational challenges through the last weeks and adopted creative and efficient ways to continue serving their patients like telehealth or video calls. As part of the Medical Supplies Chain, PREMIERE SCIENTIFIC has faced new pressures and changes given that several factors associated with COVID-19 have impacted PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) stock, pricing, and shipment. 

I can summarize the main issues in these bullet points:

  • PPE is over demanded by traditional medical and dental offices but now is also required by physical therapists, first responders, and the general public. This total demand overpassed the regular capacity of the manufacturing and importing system
  • Products (including gloves and the material used in the production of masks) that may have been sourced overseas are now faced in labor issues. This factor generates serious limitations on supply
  • Freight Costs are impacted, given that for imported items, some products are being airfreighted to the USA and containers have limited availability
  • The freight schedules have been impacted by travel restrictions and variations in the work agenda in most countries where supplies are being manufactured. Unprecedented high demand for PPE with major carriers suspending delivery service guarantees has increased manufacturer lead times as much as 200% globally in the past two months
  • All PPE items are non-cancellable and non-returnable to ensure the adequate supply is available for healthcare professionals.

As a result of all these unexpected factors, the pricing of PPE products has increased dramatically over the past 30-45 days.

In the middle of this situation, we have tried to pass only the price increases that we have incurred to our customers. 

Keeping extremely careful safety measures, we think its time to gradually come back to our office to continue serving you, valuable customer, with the maximum of our capacity. For this reason, most of our office personnel started coming back to the office since May the 4th: Sales, Procurement, and Accounting Departments are now working at their regular job places. Some other colleagues will still remain working at home for some more days.

Finally, I want to thank you for your comprehension. We are sorry for the inconvenience that these extraordinary circumstances caused, we will continue working with the best of our capacity in order to keep our quality standards at all operational levels. 


Jose Luis Gallegos


Premiere Scientific LLC


Stay Informed


CDC now says coronavirus 'does not spread easily' via contaminated surfaces

Published on May 20, 2020

State and local officials spar on reopening measures amid coronavirus crisis

States reopen their economies with plenty of strings attached in some places; David Lee Miller reports from New York.

A New Entry in the Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine: Hope

By Carl ZimmerKnvul Sheikh and Noah Weiland / New York Times

Scientists are increasingly optimistic that a vaccine can be produced in record time. But getting it manufactured and distributed will pose huge challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions and Advice

Source: The Coronavirus Outbreak [New York Times]

May 12, 2020

Is ‘Covid toe’ a symptom of the disease?

There is an uptick in people reporting symptoms of chilblains, which are painful red or purple lesions that typically appear in the winter on fingers or toes. The lesions are emerging as yet another symptom of infection with the new coronavirus. Chilblains are caused by inflammation in small blood vessels in reaction to cold or damp conditions, but they are usually common in the coldest winter months. Federal health officials do not include toe lesions in the list of coronavirus symptoms, but some dermatologists are pushing for a change, saying so-called Covid toe should be sufficient grounds for testing.

Gov. Greg Abbott's list of businesses that can reopen on May 18, under certain rules

Gov. Greg Abbott has expanded the list of businesses allowed to reopen in a May 5 executive order that's part of a two-part plan to restart the Texas economy.

Coronavirus triggered a 'ruptured heart' in first reported US COVID-19 death

By Rachael Rettner - Senior Writer / 04.27.2020

An autopsy of the remains from the first known COVID-19 death in the U.S. has revealed that the person died from a ruptured heart triggered by the virus's attack, according to news reports.

ICD-10-CM Official Coding and Reporting Guidelines

April 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020

Code only a confirmed diagnosis of the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as documented by the provider, documentation of a positive COVID-19 test result, or a presumptive positive COVID-19 test result. For a confirmed diagnosis, assign code U07.1, COVID-19. This is an exception to the hospital inpatient guideline Section II, H. In this context, “confirmation” does not require documentation of the type of test performed; the provider’s documentation that the individual has COVID-19 is sufficient.


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